Wednesday, September 17, 2014

When I'm surrounded by people...

When I'm surrounded by people...

When I am surrounded by people
sitting in a group
I don't find what to say
I keep struggling for words,
and the story that could be shared
or some joke I had read 
my mind wrangles
my eyes hunt for a focus
my heart tells me
Yes, yes you are a misfit here
when I'm surrounded by people...

When people have on their lists 
awesome stories to tell
and other memoirs they mention
I look at my phone
and start reading messages
that I had already read before
Or make my phone silent
And go to the other room
pretending I have a call
The lonely other room yells at me
How long can you be here

Is it the confidence that I lack
Or the experience that I don't have
not many questions,
I am preparing myself
for another session
session where I will have a story
There I shall know what to say 
and to say how
Ohh! I talk a lot to myself
when I am surrounded by people...

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